Carl Friess

Developer, Web Design, ETH Zürich


Mensa ETH Zürich

A simple, concise and elegant app, that shows the menus and opening times for the various canteens at ETH Zürich.

Ultimate YouTube Downloader

Download music or entire albums from YouTube for free including the album cover and all the meta data like title, artist, genre, album, etc.


Eiffel Syntax Guide

A simple website providing a basic reference manual for getting started with the Eiffel programming language.

My Go Kart

A small two-seater electric vehicle I built while at school. It sports a 4HP electric motor powered by two two 12V 88Ah deep cycle batteries through a Curtis PMC motor controller.

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Springfest 2015

An annual event at my school, where I participated as General Manager.

Grok Solutions

A report for my school after a two week internship at Grok Solutions.

Cendrillon de Joël Pommerat

Projet Théâtre Audiovisuel

LED Suit

600 LEDs. 10m of LED strip.