Carl Friess

I love electronic, mechanical, filmmaking and IT projects and I want to share them with you.

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Ultimate YouTube Downloader

Download music or entire albums from YouTube for free including the album cover and all the meta data like title, artist, genre, album, etc.

My Go Kart

I have been building a small electric vehicle. It's made of wood and is designed to seat two people. The motor is rated for 4 HP and runs off 24V. It is supplied with power by two 12V 88Ah deep cycle batteries via a Curtis PMC motor controller. It also includes an on-board system based on an Arduino Due and several ATtinys.
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My Videos

BAC 2015 DE
Electronic Board
Ist Doch Wurscht
PullBag Commercial
Springfest 2013

Some other Projects

Learning Gateway eBoard

I do Webdesign

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